Don’t skip History


Cause I have skipping classes like no one’s business. Mostly because of car trouble but WHATEVER.

Today (Tuesday) Makes the day of ASARI HISTORY. Yes History. The easiest subject. Kind of. I guess that depends on who you are. Some people hate history, some people like it. yada yada yada

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PSA: because I keep seeing that shitty manipulated photo of Emma Watson on my dash. THAT PHOTO WAS PHOTOSHOPPED.  The original photo (with another from the same shoot, is from 2011 with Mariano Vivanco) are pictured above. Please don’t perpetuate this error. 

Deliberately spreading an altered image of Emma Watson which purports to show her breasts as a statement against threats of nude photo leaks is the height of hypocrisy and whoever did it should be ashamed. (x)

omg didnt know

Yeah I got an anon telling me about this one, so signal boost

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