Literally any crew member: Maybe I should drive for a bit, commander?

Shepard: What are you talking about? I'm a great driver!

Mako runs into a ditch


You don’t understand. What it’s like to be surrounded by all of the girls who can eat everything and do everything and they’re perfect.

They never have to think twice about calories or how they’ll look in their plus size party dresses.

Which are really hard to find, by the way, because the only stores that sells sexy dresses in my size are Chola Stores. And I’m not a Hoochie, and I don’t wear tangerine well. 

I just wanna wake up, and wear whatever I feel like wearing. ‘Cuz it all fits, and looks good. But instead I’m powerless to the sausages that double as my arms and the Jenny Craig that lives inside my head. 

You have no idea how hard I’m trying, mom. I’m really trying.

- Sadie Saxton, Awkward 2011

Total Gpoy. Lol.

(via kourtneyinterrupted)

respect but girl still be a bitch