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Have I ever told anyone here that I believe dating your best friend is just wrong? I mean what happened when you break up?
Essentially you are dating, or trying to date, yourself.




And tasty too!!

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It’s just fucking amazing


if some boy tried to get me to watch v for vendetta with him after talking  for like 2 seconds but before that slapped me in the face with a stupid ass metaphor about a cigarette i would run away as fast as my oxygen trolly and decaying lungs would let me






bisexual people aren’t more likely to cheat in relationships but we are more likely to cheat at cards, while lesbians are most likely to cheat at jenga, and genderqueer people often cheat at mario kart

how the fuck do you cheat at jenga

ask a lesbian


this is never not funny

hey, the moon is on its period.

got some hot tea, and imma go beddy bye.

How odd, to feel so tiny, and cold. #Houston

Not that watching the first half of the eclipse wasn’t fun, but my bestie and I have been out here with two blankets and winter coats for a good while and I can’t feel my nose…

So, my bestie keeps rubbing herself against my leg…and she’s laughing while I write this on my phone.