Anonymous asked:

Are you a lesbian?? Ewwww

Inside Your Love Answer:





Out of all of the things you could say “ewww” about me (i.e. the fact that my display picture is me doing a rectal palpation on a cow), you decide to pick on this. 

If my sexual orientation is impacting you personally in such a life altering fashion, then I honestly think you should have a good look at yourself and reassess your priorities. 

So if you think that the fact that I am a lesbian is, as you said, “ewwww”, then let me provide you with some examples as to why your comment is small minded and bigoted and how commonly it occurs in the animal kingdom for whom I will eventually be providing medical care for. 

In a particular study with rams, researchers found that in a herd, 8% of rams exhibited a sexual preference for other rams even when presented with the opportunity to mate with females. "The development of male-orientated behaviour in rams"

On Oahu, 31% of Laysan albatross pairings were indeed female-female. These female-female pairings reared offspring together that were often genetically related to one of the females in the pairing. These female-female pairings last for many years. "Successful same-sex pairing in Laysan albatross"

There are over 450 species that exhibit homosexual behaviours including dolphins, giraffes and bonobos. So please, don’t “ewww” an aspect of my identity. Homosexuality is not unnatural or disgusting, it is you who is. 

My girl Liv serving up some hard truths.

One correction though… I don’t quite understand why doing a rectal palpation on a cow would be ‘ewwww’? Just me? ok…