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"Small Problem—We’re Not Gay!": Why "Faking It" Will Be Good for the LGBT Community


MTV surprised us all this week when they released the Faking It pilot online for a short—and feverish—48 hours. The new show, slated for the Tuesday night teen crowd, tells the story of best friends Amy and Karma, who pretend to be lesbians in order to reach maximum popularity at their liberal Austin, Texas, high school.

Yeah, I know how that premise sounds, so it’s no wonder the show is stirring up controversy. Most of the Faking It buzz on the web lately has centered around whether the show is doing a service or disservice to the LGBT community.

My opinion? It’s doing us a great service. Read on for my arguments as to why Amy, Karma, and their story are helping visibility and the LGBT cause. 

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That Was SPERM

  • Krism: You even have makeup on!
  • Amanda: I do NOT
  • Krism: You liar! I can see the white shininess on your eyelids!
  • Amanda: That was SPERM
  • Krism: ...
  • Krism: My next question would by why on your eyelids?

Virgo and Being Drunk

Does this apply when they get out of general anesthesia? Because that was really my mother. Giving us nasty looks and wouldn’t let us help her dress.

" I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind. "

- Edgar Allan Poe, Complete Writings  (via abbiejoanx)

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